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Offering Maharishi AyurVeda® Integrative Medicine (MAVIM) Consultations and Maharishi PanchakarmaSM treatments

Submit Form for $100 Discount on Full Treatment Program*

*To receive the $100 discount this form must be completed and submitted and treatment must be started before April 30, 2020

FullTreatment Description

The full treatment program involves receiving three treatments each day:
Treatment 1: two technician, 55 minute Abhyanga
Treatment 2:  20 minute Shirodhara or Swedena
Treatment 3:  Matra or Shodana Basti (usually alternated each day)

Please note –

  1. Individuals over 60 may have adjustments to their basti program
    Individuals over 60 years of age will have their health history evaluated and may be given a different basti program than described above.
  2. The following Individual treatments are also available

Vaidya Consultation Service for Treatment Participants

In addition to the fee for treatment above the following consultation service will be provided for an additional $150 fee. All three parts of this service will be provided by our in-resident Vaidya, overseen by Jim Davis DO. Your three part treatment consultation service would include:

  1. Recommendations for your home cleansing program based on health history information you submit by internet or phone
  2. Maharishi Panchakarma treatment recommendation based on an in-person, 15 minute with the Vaidya before your treatment begins
  3. Home program for herbs based on an in-person, 15 minute visit with the Vaidya at the end of your treatment program

$100 Introductory Discount

If you submit this form and begin a three day or longer treatment before December 31, 2019 you will receive a $100 discount.

Example: if you schedule a 5 day treatment program the cost would be calculated as follows:

5 days at $325/day = $1,625
PK Treatment Consultation Service – $150
TOTAL – $1,775
Less $100 discount
Final Fee – $1,675 

We will contact you upon receiving this request to provide instructions for submitting your health history information.

Please provide the following information:

I prefer to be contacted by:
Email    Phone

Scheduling Request

Yes, I would like to schedule an appointment for treatment.

Fee $325 a day.

# of days of treatment I would like to take:

Starting date for my treatment would be:

Note on $100 Introductory Discount:
This offer does not apply to groups who already qualify for discounts. These groups include MUM full-time faculty and staff; MFUSA full-time teaching Governors and staff; and Invincible America Assembly grant participants. If you check a box below indicating you are a member of one of these groups we will contact you with details on discounts available to your group.

Please check if you belong to any of the following groups:
MUM full-time faculty or staff
MFUSA full-time teaching Governor or staff
Invincible America Assembly grant participant

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