Maharishi AyurVeda Consultations

Maharishi AyurVeda® Consultations

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest and most comprehensive system of natural medicine and is the traditional system of medicine of India.

Maharishi AyurVeda (MAV) is the modern revival of the complete and authentic practice of Ayurveda by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the TM technique. Maharishi AyurVeda returns Ayurveda to its original consciousness-basedSM approach and includes practice of the TM technique as its foundational recommendation.

The key Maharishi AyurVeda goal of all recommendations is to balance and enliven the inner intelligence of the body responsible for its natural healing ability.

MAV consultations are offered by a medical practitioner (MD or DO) or Vaidya under the supervision of a licensed physician.

MAVIM consultations do not replace your modern medical care and please consult your physician for all medical conditions and symptoms and approval for changes in lifestyle and diet.

MAV consultations include the following:

1. Creating a Maharishi AyurVeda Health Profile for a Personalized Medicine Approach

MAVIM consultations provide personalized medicine where recommendations are matched to the individual’s unique mind-body characteristics

Through questionnaires, Ayurvedic pulse assessment and meeting with our Vaidya and/or Physician the practitioner determines your MAV Personal profile including, body type, digestive type, imbalances in the key principles of biological intelligence and status of the need for cleansing programs.

2. Dietary Recommendations

Dietary recommendations are matched to a variety of factors in your personal profile including body type, imbalances, cleansing status, and strength of digestion and metabolism

3. Lifestyle and Daily Routine

Your physician will provide recommendations for lifestyle matched to your personal profile including eating behavior, tips for improving digestion and elimination, exercise, sleeping patterns, cleansing and seasonal routines

4. Spices

Your physician will provide personalized spice recommendations for food and use of “spice-waters” to cleanse and balance the mind-body system

5. Detox and cleansing

Your physician will evaluate from an Ayurvedic perspective your need for cleansing and give Ayurvedic cleansing recommendations if needed.

6. Herbal recommendations

Most clients will receive two types of herbal recommendations.
a) General balancing and nourishing preparations that can be used on an ongoing basis
b) Preparations that aim to rebalance and enliven the inner intelligence in specific areas of bodily function

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